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Conference “e-Accessability for all” held

Conference “e-Accessability for all” held
Published date: 16.10.2014 11:29 | Author: MIDT

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MIDTMinistry for Information Society and Telecommunications, in cooperation with the Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro and Association of Blind of Montenegro, organized a conference „e-Accessability for all“, with web accessability as a central topic, particularly regarding the situation in Montenegro.

In the introductory part of the Conference the attendees were addressed by: Radule Novović, Director-General at the Ministry for Information Society and Telecommunications, Marina Vujačić, the director of the Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro, professor Božo Krstajić, from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Goran Macanović, director of Association of the Blind of Montenegro and Danijel Vuković, representative od the company Programmer.

One of the Conference topics was the definition of e-accessability, to what extent it is important and why it is so vital to the society. Conference attendees, and particularly the organizers, tried to clarify the issue of the barriers imposed on persons with disabilities online.

Detection of the problems, activities and resolving these issues would contribute to the general social equality, the society in which all of its members can make their own contributions.

It was concluded that e-accessability is not only a matter of solidarity, and that the standards for the creation of the websites accessible to all are of greatest importance, as well as transformation of digital divide into digital connection.