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Implementation of the project 'National PC program' continues

Implementation of the project
Published date: 30.03.2011 15:36 | Author: MIDT

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Ministry for Information Society and Telecommunication continues with the implementation of the "National PC program".





Computers have been donated in the last two days to the following non-governmental organizations, institutions, and associations:
Association of disabled workers, Podgorica
Association for the Fight against Illnesses of Addictions 'Preporod', Nikšić
The trade union organization of Željezara AD (Ironworks), Nikšić
PEI 'Duško Basekić', Bijelo Polje
The fund for active citizenship 'Fakt', Podgorica
Association of the bedridden patients 'Anđeli', Pljevlja
NGO 'Alfa Centre' , Podgorica
Chess Club of the blind 'Zora', Podgorica
Association of single mothers, Kotor
Literary youth of Tivat, Tivat
Association of farmers 'Bihor', Petnjica
Montenegrin Union of the Blind, Podgorica
NGO 'Zeleni gaj',Rožaje
Association of disabled persons 'Srce', Mojkovac
NGO TKO – Trapezoid, Bar
Basketball Club 'Morača', Podgorica
NGO 'Centre for creative education of youth',Niksić
NGO 'Put nade', Podgorica
NGO 'Zračak nade', Pljevlja
Association for assistance to disabled persons with psycho-physical development peculiarities, Niksić
Association of the families of the persons kidnapped, missing, and murdered in Kosovo and Metohija 'Crveni božur', Sutomore
Voluntary blood donors association, Podgorica
NGO' Educational Centre Grand', Kolašin
Centre for Ecology, Agriculture and Tourism 'Cept', Podgorica
Basketball Club 'Boys', Bar
Paraplegic Association, Niksić
NGO 'Feniks', Podgorica
Association of persons suffering from cerebral palsy, Podgorica
Nardos- National association of parents, children and youth with developmental disabilities, Podgorica
NGO 'Development Centre', Bijelo Polje
NGO 'Multimedial Montenegro', Bijelo Polje
NGO 'Caroline', Podgorica
PI KIC 'Malesija', Tuzi
Radio Ozon, Kolašin
Student Parliament of the Universitz of Montenegro
PI Centre for Culture, Berane
City Theatre, Podgorica
Central National Library 'Đurdje Crnojević', Podgorica
Chess Federation of Montenegro
NGO 'Romska nada',Nikšić
Bridge School, Podgorica
NGO 'Need', Bijelo Polje
NGO 'Sports school Agoge',Bijelo Polje
KIC 'Budo Tomović', Podgorica
NGO 'Vrijedne ruke',Berane
Ecological Society 'Popca', Berane
Mountain club 'Ambi', Nikšić
City library 'Njegoš', Cetinje
Organization of the deaf and hard of hearing, Bar
NGO 'Romsko srce', Nikšić
Beekeepers Association 'Mihailo Đ. Bakić', Andrijevica
NGO 'Natura',Kolašin
Centre for Culture, Bijelo Polje
Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro, Podgorica
Paraplegic Association of Montenegro, Podgorica
Union of Associations of parents of children and youth with developmental disabilities 'Naša inicijativa', Podgorica