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Web portal of the Government of Montenegro exposed to DDoS attacks

Published date: 19.10.2016 15:18 | Author: MIDT

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Ministry for Information Society and Telecommunications informs the public that on the night between 17 and 18 October 2016, and during the previous day, there were several DDoS attacks on the portal of the Government of Montenegro ( Thanks to the quality protection system of Web portal of the Government of Montenegro all of those attempts were prevented on time.

On monitoring systems have been registered that the attacks came from a large number of IP addresses from multiple countries.

This is a continuation of the previous DDoS attacks that were carried out in the past few days, on numerous portals in Montenegro. We remind that before, during and after election day in Montenegro, in the same way were attacked sites and portals Cafe del Montenegro - CDM (, Radio "Antena M" (, the Centre for Democratic Transition ( and the Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro (

National CIRT team has taken all measures within its jurisdiction in coordination with state authorities, the private sector, and international partners in order to prevent the attacks, so that Montenegrin portals can freely function, and the public can be timely informed.

DDoS attack (Distributed Denial of Service) was an attempt to make certain services unavailable to users, by sending a large number of requests disabling the network, server or other part of the infrastructure in a way that they can not function.