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PRESS: Workshop on the topic of e-commerce

PRESS: Workshop on the topic of e-commerce
Published date: 04.10.2016 12:38 | Author: MIDT

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The Ministry for Information Society and Telecommunications, in cooperation with the Institute for Training and Technical Cooperation of the WTO (ITTC), and through the Mission of Montenegro to the WTO, based in Geneva, organized a two-day workshop on e-commerce, which is held on October 3-4, 2016 in Podgorica.

Counsellor of the Department of trade, services and investment in the Secretariat of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), Lee Tuthill, on that occasion, presented an overview of the objectives of the Work program on e-commerce of World Trade Organization, WTO / GATS, rules and the application of e-commerce, classification of e-commerce and services, trade barriers, as well as other issues relating to the WTO experience in this field.

Workshop was intended for both policy-makers in this area, and the business community - small and medium-sized enterprises, banks, as well as domestic suppliers of on-line store.

A special part of the workshop was dedicated for raising awareness of the business community, banks, small and medium-sized enterprises, local government bodies, the opportunities and challenges of growing electronic commerce.

Workshop was an opportunity for the exchange of experience and improvement of cooperation when it comes to e-commerce, since almost all, whether professionaly or private, are engaged in commercial activities that occur on the Internet. Participants of the workshop agreed that this is an excellent form of joint cooperation of all relevant stakeholders in this area.