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Government's delegation participates in 18th Eurasian Economic Summit in Istanbul

Published date: 16.04.2015 11:27 | Author: MIDT

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Delegation of Montenegro’s government, headed by Deputy Prime Minister Vujica Lazović, participated on Wednesday at the 18th Eurasian Economic Summit in Istanbul.

Speaking on the topic of digital economy, DPM Lazović referred to the challenges modern countries are facing, as well as the great potential the developing countries have in this process, provided that their development is brought into conformity with technological achievements. In that context, he pointed out the effects of ".me" domain, a virtual product that brought over EUR 15 million of revenue to Montenegro over the past 6 years.

"In this process, the state plays a key role as it should provide the necessary infrastructural basis through broadband, e-services, digital education and scientific and technological parks," the Deputy Prime Minister underlined.

In cooperation with the Marmara Forum, a business forum dedicated to Montenegro was also organized in Istanbul. The forum was opened by President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović, who welcomed the businessmen and invited them to invest in Montenegro.

Montenegrin delegation, through dialogue with potential investors, presented the country’s economic and investment potential, focusing on projects in tourism, energy and agriculture. A special invitation was sent to the Turkish companies in the textile industry to start a business in the cities of northern Montenegro, using mechanism of business zones and other incentive measures.

"A continuously growing economy, such as the Turkey's one, is creating healthy investors who, we believe, can find interest in sectors that have the greatest developing potential in our country," Mr. Lazović said, addressing the Turkish economic entities interested in investing in Montenegro, as well as those already operating in the Montenegrin market.

Montenegrin Minister of Science, Sanja Vlahović, who also took part in the summit, presented to potential investors from Turkey a number of projects Montenegro is implementing in the field of science. She placed emphasis on the establishment of centers of excellence, especially the project of establishing scientific and technological parks, where Turkey has significant experience and it has developed a network that can help the development of these projects in Montenegro.

Turkey is one of the countries with high growth rates and significant capital investment beyond its borders, whose investors have recognized Montenegro as a country of competitive advantage, as evidenced by their investments in Montenegro's economy. This is the reason the Government of Montenegro and Turkey are committed to developing good political relations, paying particular attention to boosting economic cooperation.