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Three nominations from Montenegro for ITU 150

Three nominations from Montenegro for ITU 150
Published date: 13.03.2015 16:11 | Author: MIDT

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On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the International Telecommunication Union, a public competition is opened for prizes for the most meritorious individuals in terms of improving the quality of life through the use of ICT, either by the implementation of specific projects or the promotion of the ITU goals.

With that aim, the Ministry for Information Society and Telecommunications called all interested subjects in Montenegro – government representatives, ICT sector, scientific community and civil society, to propose the candidates who, through their work in the field of ICT, earned to be in international competition for this prize.

The Commission for evaluation of applications has issued a decision to nominate the following candidates for the ITU 150 prize:

Professor Igor Đurović, from the Faculty for Electrical Engineering, University of Montenegro, with the application „BIO-ICT Center“. BIO-ICT Center is newly founded research center which purpose is to enhance the application of modern technologies in the field of sustainable agriculture, crops monitoring, water/sea and forest ecosystems, development of techniques to control and reduce air pollution, analisys and standardization of food products, quality control of the soil, improvement of public healthcare. Through achieving these goals, BIO-ICT will form strong connection within the knowledge triangle: education, research and innovation. The Center is national catalyzator in terms of improvement of technological tools which apply in the field of bioinformatics including agriculture, medicine, biology, healthcare and ecology, as well as other bio-sciences.

Professor Milica Pejanović Đurišić, from the Faculty for Eelectrical Engineering, University of Montenegro, with the application “Research ICT Center”. Research ICT Center is newly founded scientific center and laboratory at the University of Montenegro. The Center is already recognizable in the field of ICT research, particularly for the progressive solutions for info-communication infrastructure, smart applications and e-services, as well as renowned partner at the international level. Researchers at the Center have experience in the field of research that represents the basis of the platform for the modern science: computer programming, program devices, web tools, parallel and distributive systems, database, data mining, data processing, signal and image processing, data collection, sensors, networking, communication, statistics, molding, visualization.

Milica Vuletić, from Tax Administration, with the application “Including the citizens in fight against the grey economy”. The application is developed within this project, as well as the web portal (, which expand the spectrum of communication canals between the citizens and the institutions in charge of the fight against the grey economy, first of all Tax Administration and Inspection Administration. Procedure for reporting the irregularities is also significantly simplified. During one year of the project implementation, the citizens have reported over 5000 irregularities in the operation of business enterprises in Montenegro, according to which the warrants have been issued in total amount of over 1.1 million EUR. These funds financed 11 projects of social importance (procurement of medical equipment, child and social care, environment, youth and sport), worth around 550.000 EUR.

After the official ITU prize commission evaluates the nominations and issues a decision on the winners, the prizes will be presented at the award ceremony in Geneva, on May 17th.