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eSkills week

eSkills week
Published date: 10.03.2015 14:44 | Author: MIDT

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European eSkills week is marked from March 9 to March 13 this year, under the slogan “eSkills for jobs”. eSkills week activities are organized every year, through the coordination of the European Commission. Mobilization of social actors is aimed at wide informative campaign towards the young people in order to motivate them to acquire digital skills and find a job in digital economy.

Across Europe there will be activities that promote digital skills and their significance for labor market, employment and economy in general, as well as their importance concerning overall progress of the society. Digital literacy is one of the demands imposed by modern society, consisted of knowledge and skills related to information-communication technologies, which is necessary for completing professional tasks, but also for socialization of every citizen.

Ministry for Information Society and Telecommunications will mark eSkills week through organization of online ECDL training, as well as workshops for the oldest and the youngest users of ICT in Montenegro.

All the candidates interested in acquiring ECDL certificate who apply via e-government portal between March 9 and March 22 will be provided free online training, as well as 40% cheaper testing and 50% lower price for ECDL profile index. ECDL Start package will, therefore, cost 46.50 EUR instead of standard price of 180 EUR.

For the first 30 candidates who apply via e-government portal during eSkills week, between March 9 and March 13, the Ministry for Information Society and Telecommunications will provide 30 free training, testing and ECDL indexes.

All candidates should apply via form on the e-government portal, after the registration ( The candidates will be tested in accredited ECDL test centers.

Along with the online ECDL training, the Ministry for Information Society and Telecommunications will also organize “Online trip for the retired persons”. Three-day workshop for 15 candidates –retired persons from Podgorica, will be organized in cooperation with the ECDL test center – ČIKOM. Workshop topics are: basic use of computer and Internet, online communication (Skype and social networks) and basic use of smart phones.

The Ministry will also organize educative class on information-communications technology and the Internet for three groups of preschool children in Nikšić, students of “Dragan Kovačević” preschool institution, in cooperation with the company Hardnet.